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Welcome to the Huntsville Fencing Club!  We are devoted to promoting the sport of fencing for the serious competitor, the casual recreational fencer, and all between.

Modern fencing is a sport derived from the nineteenth century duel, a sport of one against one, wit against wit, skill against skill, will against will, without outside assistance at the time of combat.  It is an intensely solitary yet overwhelming social activity in which the participant engages in combat alone against his or her adversary on the strip, yet also engages in friendship and camaraderie off the strip.  Fencing is a highly competitive sport, a positive form of recreation, and encompasses a highly social atmosphere. The recreational fencer, for whom fencing is both an enjoyable diversion as well as an opportunity to socialize with other bright, passionate people, is the foundation of most fencing clubs, and is always welcome at the Huntsville Fencing Club. Many of our members are purely recreational fencers.


Our fencers have ranged in age from ten to over eighty, from all corners of the US, as well as from France, Italy, Poland, Israel, New Zealand, and Germany, and as HFC members have fenced as far away as the United Kingdom, Colombia, and Antarctica. Additionally, we are often visited by out-of-state fencers here on business, and occasionally by classical, historical, and SCA fencers looking to polish their technique. Some of our members also practice various forms of historical fencing.


In addition to a facility for open fencing, we also offer beginning instruction in a group setting, and intermediate to advanced individual instruction in epee, foil, and saber. However, we are primarily an epee club. Only a few of our members fence foil or saber, and only occasionally.  You need not be an athlete, much less a great athlete, to learn to fence well. You need only a few basic physical abilities, a willingness to learn, and the capacity to use your head.  Instruction is based on a broad technical foundation designed to provide the fencer with adequate technique, tempo, and tactics for free fencing and competition, while at the same time not inhibiting the fencer from enjoying the swashbuckling romance of steel on steel. Such a well-laid foundation helps the fencer understand the sport in all its aspects, builds tactics against all possible adversaries, and prevents the fencer's development from reaching a dead end. While we strive to develop a fencer's strengths, we do not believe in doing so by sacrificing the benefits of a broad foundation, nor at the expense of the courtesies and traditions of the sport.

Again, welcome to the Huntsville Fencing Club! Visiting fencers, persons interested in fencing, and potential members are welcome to drop by. Please see the Information page for details.



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