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Summer Nationals 2004
This year's USFA Summer Nationals were
 held July 3 - July11 at Liberty Hall 
in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA.

Hundreds of competitors from around
 America and world came to test their skills
 and take their chances against their peers.

Murphy's Law Strikes Again!  Always, have several spares because you KNOW at least one of your epees is going to go out.  Usually at exactly the wrong time.
HFC was well represented by Brian Parker who, although an old hand at competing, was fencing in Division 1-A Men's Epee for the very first time.

Out of 96 competitors in his 1-A/ME, Brian was seeded 67th after the pool bouts and came in 32 in the DEs, defeating Sean Harder in the round of 64 and losing only to Patrick Gettings from Notre Dame in the round of 32.

Not bad for a first shot at that level.  
Just wait til next year!   ;-)

Brian takes the piste for his bout against Sean.

Brian introduces Deborah to the wonderful 
world of tournament vendors.  Her shopping 
genes may never be the same.

A PINK mask!?!  Oh, they gotta be kidding!

The 'Lesson Learned' this time around?  
If you must travel more than a couple 
of hours to get to a tournament .....
Arrive A Day Early!

After all day on the road, we arrived the night before Brian had to fence.  Next day all of us felt like we had been run over by a Mac truck.  But after one day's rest, everybody was back to normal and Brian was back to his energetic, 
aggressive fencing self.    

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